Color Collaboration Fun

November 4, 2012 , In: Ceramic Clay, Fiber, Glass, Inspiration

A little inspiration – a few photos to share of collaboration fun between Genea, my daughter Nellie, and me. The three of us were chatting about doing color palette “matchies” (Genea’s term)… the result is what you see here… fiber wire, ceramic flowers (I’m still working on some of the other colors!) and Genea’s “Bright Earth” color way.

Here’s Genea’s Bright Earth Wing Dings and the Fiber Batts Nellie made (hand dyed and carded, ready for spinning)…
Here’s the fiber after spun into WoolyWire, and a closer look at Genea’s Wing Dings…
And my ceramic flowers, made up into a sweet bracelet by Genea, with a Tin Snips toggle by Lorelei Eurto.

Here’s the flower colors I’ve made so far… still working on perfecting green/yellow colors!
I hope this inspires you to try your own collaboration project with your favorite art buddies!


Karen Totten

Karen has worked professionally as an artist and designer for over 30 years in a variety of creative disciplines: architectural design, illustration, art direction, mixed media art, interaction design. She currently works full time as a User Experience (UX) Design Principal for an international consultancy. When not flying to work every week, her other passions are ceramic art, sketching, and occasionally, jewelry design. “For me, the creative life, from UX to fine art, has always been one of exploration and adventure. As the daughter of an air force navigator, I grew up a traveler. To this day I am intrigued by stories and motifs that transcend time, culture, and geography.“
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    Mmmmm so delicious! Look how teeny my beads look against the batts! I LOVE your flowers! I'm excited for you do to some more color testing on them. I can't wait to get my fiber wire! xoxo Genea

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    Wow, Karen–this is so BEAUTIFUL and exciting–and inspiring. I love all of it! Your colorful flowers are spectacular! xoxo

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    I love the flower bracelet…and I love all of the beads of Genea's and the fiberwire. I want to experience using each of this…hopefully my show is good.

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    I love collaborations!!! I think the bringing together of 2 or more amazing artists is a treasure.

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    Gorgeous colors and textures!

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    Stunning colors!

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    Wow. I love your color combination. Now I'm motivated to make beads in those colors.

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