Coloring Porcelain

July 14, 2013 , In: General

I recently became fascinated by the work of Chris Campbell and her use of Mason Stains to color porcelain, as shown in this beautiful platter she created…

Urban Conflux, by Chris Campbell 

I was very pleased to see that she offered an online lesson in coloring porcelain. I eagerly read it and followed up with other research. Then I ordered a small set of stains to start my own experiments…

Using small bits of porcelain, and with the proper precautions of wearing gloves and a dust mask, I mixed and wedged several color samples. 

I got a huge kick out of making a rainbow palette of beads…

I next played with techniques to combine different colors to make multi-colored beads…

I barely dipped my toe into coloring porcelain, but I see tons of possibilities here! After I get through Bead Fest in August I plan to spend more time playing – stay tuned!

Karen Totten

Karen has worked professionally as an artist and designer for over 30 years in a variety of creative disciplines: architectural design, illustration, art direction, mixed media art, interaction design. She currently works full time as a User Experience (UX) Design Principal for an international consultancy. When not flying to work every week, her other passions are ceramic art, sketching, and occasionally, jewelry design. “For me, the creative life, from UX to fine art, has always been one of exploration and adventure. As the daughter of an air force navigator, I grew up a traveler. To this day I am intrigued by stories and motifs that transcend time, culture, and geography.“
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    Oh my gosh Karen what fabulous colours you picked and those multi's look like they could be great fun!
    I'll be watching this with great interest.

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    WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! I can not wait to see these!!!! What fun you had!!!

  3. These colours are luscious, Karen… can't wait to see the finished articles!

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    Oh I love all those colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This medium is very intriguing. I love the colors of the beads you made. Just beautiful!

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    You've definitely got some winners there! I love the stripes. Will the colors darken after firing, or stay the same?

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    Thanks for sharing a great technique!

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    Wow I just love your photos, Karen! I love seeing this interesting new process as well! I am excited to see how these will look post firing and if you intend to layer glazes over the bases. So awesome! xo Genea

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    There is a Zen to it – as it takes a while to patiently mix each color. I look forward to your treasures.

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    I love the photo with the rainbow of beads. Reminds me of getting a brand new box of crayons or something. It has the same exact effect as seeing all those colors, pristine, in a beautiful arrangement pleasing to the eye.

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    WOW! I had no idea you could color porcelain. Seeing the whole process was fascinating. Love your rainbow and I'm looking forward to seeing them post-firing. So cool!

  12. Oh my…now you can use polymer clay techniques to create color blends and canes and swirls and..and..gosh this makes me want to do porcelain. Beautiful Thank you for sharing.

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