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May 26, 2017 , In: Beadwork, Events, General, Glass

This month has seen many ups and downs for me with life in general.  Losing our lovely cat, gaining 2 stray cats and the chaos that ensues with that endeavour but with one thing and another my creativity has suffered first with being so depressed with our loss and helping the the other animals in the house recover from the sudden space in our family, especially our ‘Mudgy  who lost her brother and really struggled with finding her paws after that – she is still sleeping under the duvet with me at night but she is getting better each day, now helped by the unexpected new arrival Freddy.  So I tried to keep to small projects ones I could pick up and put down and needing some doodle art for the craft fair I am doing in October – I know forward planning right! me! – I have been using coloured pencil on a variety of surfaces.  These are wooden ‘dangly’ things all coloured pencil on gesso, which I found you have to sand back and reapply several times to get the surface I wanted, a smooth plane but with a finish that would catch the colour.

These are small little characters on watercolour paper and under resin domes can be used for pendants or key rings.  Just a bit of fun 😉 

My lack of creativity couldn’t have come at a worse moment as on June 2nd and 3rd is the big Flame Off event in Uttoxeter.  Each year Tuffnell Glass organize a great weekend where you can buy lampwork equipment, have a go on the torches, book classes – our very own Caroline is doing some ceramic classes and I am doing a small tester session on the Saturday afternoon for those wanting to have a go at small sculptural beads – click on the Tuffnell Glass link above to book a class there are still a few places left – as well as Caroline and myself there are some amazing artists from Europe and as far as South Africa!!  

To try and get myself back into the wanting to create mode I made this fabulous little dog bead for the auction that is held during the show and of course I had to call him Tuffers after Martin the owner of Tuffnell Glass 😉 


I have managed to ‘tinker’ with a few new design ideas, I am just loving ‘Weiner dogs’ at the moment, it is the name, over here in the UK they are ‘sausage dogs’ but Weiner suits them.. I think anyway.

…and a Siamese…..

A few more that will be with me at Flame Off, a cute Labrador …

and Bacon and Eggs..  I just had too 😉 


I had fun with heads too 😀 

Suzi has found a home already but she is another new design I have been working on, keeping the whimsy humour but hopefully being more real too…. I don’t know if I want to be too real.  I did do some realistic bead sculptures last year and really enjoy the challenge but the whimsy cartoony ones make me smile and life is just too short to not smile!

..and finally…  a whimsical set of beads to create something fabulous, will it be a pendant, a bracelet, some wonderful multi media display…  all it needs is the right creative home to go to…..


Laney Mead

A convert to glass from a life of doodling and drawing Laney started her artistic career with no formal training but a passion for paper and pencils.  With the help of a friendly artist who took her under his wing, she learnt how to use coloured pencil as a fine art medium and to experiment in abstract work with acrylic and oils, this led to painting murals all over the house walls, don't ask her about the 'space themed bedroom for her son and then having to try and paint it white to sell the house!'  and although she longed to paint real 'outside' murals and got asked to do so she couldn't commit the long travel involved with two, then small kids.  After several years of custom pet portraits in pencil she chanced upon a weekend of lampworking.  After being shown how to use the torch and asked to not burn down the studio she spent a blissful 2 days creating the wonkiest beads you ever did see.  She has been lampworking since 2008 and is finally at the point when her realism in pet portraits is merging with the glass.  Other than that one weekend she has never had a lesson and is completely self taught in all her techniques.  When she isn't melting glass she is writing for Cat World magazine about living with her brain damaged 'celebrity' cat Gordy and the newcomer old Teeko cat.  She lives in rural Herefordshire UK with views from her bedroom window over the Welsh Mountains with her husband, Golden Retrievers Izabel and Defi as well as the cats and two grown up kids that refuse to leave home.  She is currently campaigning for 'Kidsxit'.
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