Exploring Rochester: Neighborhood of the Arts Part 1

May 29, 2017 , In: 2D Art, Art History, Culture, General, Inspiration

Back in April, we explored a bit of the South Wedge neighborhood.  This month, I’m going to take you into the Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA).  There is a LOT here so I’m going to break it into a multi-part series.

According to, “Within its 15 city blocks long and three blocks wide boundaries, NOTA’s turn-of-the century single-family homes are neighbors to restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, bakeries, gift shops and a wide array of art studios and galleries. NOTA neighborhood boundaries reach north to the CSX Railroad lines, south to East Avenue, west to the Inner Loop and east to Culver Road (East Avenue to Atlantic Avenue).”

We’ll begin with Village Gate Square. Today, Village Gate Square is home to loft apartments, speciality shops, restaurants, art galleries and studios.  

Sean Cuyler’s head sculpture

There’s a lot of art both outside and inside the grounds of Village Gate. 

Sculpture on the second floor of Village Gate

More art inside Village Gate

A peek down the street

Memorial Art Gallery

A short walk down the street takes you to the Memorial Art Gallery.  The MAG has everything from items of antiquity to contemporary art.  In addition to their permanent collection, they regularly host temporary exhibits, lectures, concerts and more.  They also host the Clothesline Festival each year.  I attended last year and was blown away by the number of arts and craft vendors.  

I haven’t been inside yet but I have done a bit of exploring on the grounds and it contains some fabulous art in Centennial Sculpture Park.

Soliloquy by Albert Paley

Creation Myth is one of my favorite parts of Centennial Sculpture Park.

Creation Myth by Tom Otterness

Creation Myth

Creation Myth

If you continue on a couple blocks from The MAG, you will come upon one of my favorite gallery shops, Craft Company No. 6.   Craft Company No. 6 is located in historic Victorian firehouse and is full of handcrafts made in the USA and Canada.  I always find amazing handmade work in there!  

Craft Company No. 6

Outside the store you’ll find “Chubby” and the fireman. “Chubby” was a beloved equine firefighter in the firehouse during the early 1900’s.  Craft Company No. 6 commissioned local artist Vincent Massaro to create these sculptures for the “Horses on Parade” project in 2001. 

Chubby and the fireman by Vincent Massaro


Come back next month for Part 2 of Neighborhood of the Arts!



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    The creation myth exhibit is super interesting. You must have had a very inspiring time there

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