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February Component of the month by Melissa Meman

I am so desperate for winter to be OVER. While snowfall hasn’t been as bad for us as last year, I’ve been cold since October. So when I got Melissa’s February component of the month in the mail a few days ago, I immediately thought summer. I got one of these gorgeous carved flowers, but in white copper. I think it could also be a sun, depending on how you choose to look at it.

I’ve been considering what I want to put with it, and my murrini addiction has been well documented over the last couple years. So I immediately thought about what murrini matches my idea of summer. 
Here’s a brand new mix called Pansy Garden from Lori and Kim (my personal drug dealers murrini suppliers).

But I would have to place another order to get this mix (and that would be wonderful tragic). And I just placed an order like a week ago and got these yummy murrini:
Or even use my “go to” favorite mix used in these beads:
Of the 500 murrini mixes I’ve bought over the last few years, probably half will showcase the type of summer palette I really want. 
I’m also thinking about using some seed beads, which is totally unusual for me. Also maybe some leather. Matching murrini to seeds already in my stash might be the best method so I don’t have to order any….
I’ve also been working on perfecting the lightbulb link from Cindy Wimmer’s Missing Link book (which I really love). I’m getting closer, but trying to decide how long I prefer the “bulb” portion of the link. Yeah, I’m being a bit OCD about the whole thing. 
Maybe I’ll sprinkle a lightbulb or two into the design as well. I don’t know. But I’m super excited to make the beads, finish it up, and WEAR it. I’m hoping it will inspire Mother Nature to hurry spring and summer along.

In the meantime, if you would like to play along with the February component of the month, it looks like Melissa has a few pieces left in her shop
How are you coping with the weather? (Or maybe this is the best time of the year for you?) 

Jennifer Cameron

Combining fire and glass since 2005, Jen Cameron discovered jewelry making after realizing a small child could disappear in the growing collection of beads sitting around the house. Jen is the adoring mother of two, jackpot winner in the husband category, and zookeeper of several pets. Jen is also the instigator for bringing together this team of innovative, talented, passionate and dynamic women to write for Art Jewelry Elements.
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    Loved the murrini you shared and your humor made me smile! 🙂

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    Those murrinin are beautiful, I really didn't to be tempted into buying more supplies though! I love making the light bulb from Cindy's book, I haven't got onto trying any of the other techniques yet. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the murrini.

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    I can not wait to see what you do with the pansys!

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