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June 7, 2017 , In: Culture, Inspiration

One of the thing’s I love doing with my family is going out and about and exploring, this in turn seems to have triggered a love of photography or at least my attempt at photography (I still have a lot to learn).

We are fortunate enough to Live 20 minutes from London by train and it is such a beautiful and inspirational place that always has hidden treasures waiting to be found so today I thought I would share a couple of my favourite places/photos with you.

“Holland Park is a district and a public park in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, in west London.

Holland Park has a reputation as an affluent and fashionable area, known for attractive large Victorian townhouses, and high-class shops and restaurants. There are many popular shopping destinations located around Holland Park such as High Street Kensington, Notting Hill, Holland Park Avenue, Royal Crescent, Portobello Market, Westbourne Grove, Clarendon Cross and Ledbury Road.”  Wikipedia

As much as I like shopping at Portobello Market (t’s a wonderland of tickets and unknown objects) that’s not the reason I love Holland Park, the public park is the reason I love Holland park and it is just amazing! (I love the way the above photo draws me in and makes me think of adventure).

Hidden in amongst the most beautiful semi-wild woodlands (that are abundant with wild life) are the ruins of Holland House, which during the Second World War in 1940 was largely destroyed by incendiary bombing but luckily the ruins remain (a sure sign of British gumption).

With it’s beautiful burials, free roaming peacocks (Oh my have you ever heard the noise these birds make?), formal gardens and thats not even the best part! The best part is by far the Kyoto Garden….

The Kyoto Garden is my happy place, which we had no idea it was even here until I quiet literally (ever the graceful creature I am) stumbled upon it!

Kyoto garden is a Japanese garden donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991 and it is one of many little pieces of paradise in an other wise bustling and busy city….

It has a stunning lake full of huge ornamental Koi Carp, an island accessed by a number of bridges, flowers galore and even it’s own water fall (I do love a waterfall)….

What amazed me the most about this place is that although it has been really busy every time I have visited it never seems crowded and always has a wonderful sense of calm.

Stunning bonsai trees, beautifully neat cobbles and all that green! I have really been inspired by this photo and am looking for  just the right stone to complete a design I am working on, I love the idea of being able to wear a necklace inspired by my happy place and hope that it will give off the same sense of peace and tranquility!

One of the Things that has been on my bucket list for a long time is to go Mud Larking down by the River Thames and quiet by chance a few weeks ago we were on our way to the Southbank when my daughter pointed out that it was low tide and there just happened to be a ladder down to the river right ahead of us (she too shares my sense of curiosity and eagerness to find treasure) so we clambered down to this view….

I just LOVE this photo, it seems I am very drawn to weathered ruins and was completely in my element poking around the stones. The one thing I really was surprised about was the amount of bones laying around every where. Unfortunately we did not stay for anywhere near as long as I would have liked but we did manage to come away with a few treasures.

The lump of chalk was the highlight of my little boys day and he used it to mark the pavement on our way home (that should tell you all you need to know about my sense of direction), and of all the things to find, my daughter managed to find a little pink plastic bead!  

I quiet literally have hundreds of photos that I have taken while out and about in London….

These are three of my all time favourite, The red phone box that no one ever uses any more but is still there looking as beautiful as ever, even if a little worn, the amazing sunsets (we just don’t get sunsets like this were I live) and the stunning street art (this one is by Jimmy.C). I feel incredibly lucky to have this on my doorstep and shall continue to enjoy the diversity of London and I really hope I find the time to complete a few items of art jewellery inspired by these wonderful places!

Niky Sayers

Niky Sayers started creating jewellery 6 years ago after stumbling across a jewellery making blog while looking for a hobby. She is a stay at home mum with hermit like tendencies, a mild addiction to coffee and chocolate and a love of all things handmade or antique/rusty. While not raising her tribe she like to keep as busy as possible playing with metal sheet, wire and other treasures and trinkets all at her kitchen table in Surrey, England.
    • jewelsofsayuri
    • June 7, 2017

    Such lovely pictures. It was great to see London through your eyes

    • Patty Miller
    • June 7, 2017

    I agree with the above comment. Thank you fro sharing your story and the wonderful photos.

    • Mary
    • June 7, 2017

    I have never been to London. Beautiful place and beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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    I lived on Holland Park Rd – and never went to the Kyoto garden? WTH? BUT you have to go to Leighton House – its a Natl Trust property now I think – its in the same neighborhood. It was the studio of Lord Leighton, the PRB era painter. The downstairs has an abundance of de Morgan tiles! And a fountain inside – very Islamic/Alhambra inspired. It was my favorite hidden gem!

    I am so so jealous. London is my hearts home – as is Cornwall. And mud larking is on my bucket list! There are some great mudlarkers on IG as well. Sigh. I’d come visit in a heartbeat.

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