It just didn’t have “IT”

April 22, 2015 , In: Beadwork, Inspiration
Have you gone back to look at your designs from when you began beading and you liked a piece but it just didn’t have the “it” you were looking for?  This was mine.

Awhile back I received this gorgeous Seahorse pendant from Marla of Marlasmud which I was totally in love with and wanted to get a necklace made right away.  I do not often revisit my designs because I have to say the thought of ripping out all those little beads is well, for lack of a better term, SCARY!  I just kept looking at this one and saying to myself that “I just don’t see it”.  So I was searching through my art bead stash and came across the beads I got from Sue of Suebeads at Beadfest last year.

That blue cab just said “pick me” so you know I had to.  I began by getting the cab ready for embroidery.  I had some gorgeous marbled turquoise seed beads and I wanted to bring out more of the gold in the Seahorse.

This was perfect!  I loved so much I also needed to figure out what type of chain.  I knew I wanted this piece to be long.  I am loving the feel of a long necklace.  I remembered Lindsay had told me about her figure 8 chain and I know the blend of both the gold and turquoise would produce the look of the ocean in the sunlight.

It turned out exactly as I had envisioned and I am pleased as punch.  Now the design has that “IT” I had been looking for.  Have you ever revisited an old design and made it new again?

Kristen Stevens

Kristen Stevens has always been a crafter of sorts.  Cross stitch, quilting, quilling, knitting, and since 2009 totally addicted to seed beads.  Then the discovery of art beads added to the addiction.  She has been complimented on her unique approach to blend colors, shapes and inspiration from the art beads and nature. She has also been writing her own tutorials. 
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    Beautiful remake! I do revisit designs, but it is not always easy to figure out what the "it" is that's missing.

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    Well I like both but I know what you mean.Lately I have been tearing apart pieces that have not sold or ones that are out of season. I feel like it is a huge chore. Thanks for reminder that not all our work is perfect the first time around.

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    oh yeah! The figure 8 chain links to the seahorse colors perfectly!!! And although you have to rip out the old – you can reuse all the beads. Shame you don't have magical mice to sort them… like in Cinderella? you know…

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    I rip apart pieces that I dont sell after a few months and make something new with the beads. I kinda puts a different perspective on the materials at hand

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    Yup I think you did the right thing, the first one was good but the re-do is definitely better!! Really gorgeous Kristen!! I know I have some old stuff I should re-do but I just never get around to it.

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    Perfect ! I cannot tell you how many times I rip BE apart because I just didn't feel the " It ". I love the figure 8 chain with this piece.

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    I think we would not be human if everything we created was perfect the first time around. I've a drawer filled with things made years ago that are just not "quite right". We live and learn and most of our knowledge comes from trial and error. 😀
    Kristen, your first design was lovely but the remake truly bought out the ocean theme of the inspiration piece – the precious little seahorse. For some reason the revamp makes the little fellow look brighter, happier and in his natural habitat – the Ocean. 🙂

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    oh my…just WOW!

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    I love it both ways! I would have grabbed your original piece on a casual day to compliment a soft sweater or simple blouse, and defintely! would wear the up-styled version with a dressy outfit. It's a winner, both ways!

    • Jean
    • April 23, 2015

    I have a box of necklaces for reworking, but somehow the lure of new beads and new designs is more enticing and they tend to get forgotten.
    Your redo is lovely.

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    Thank you all so much! Don't be afraid to try it yourself it could give you that boost you need!

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