Jumping the hurdles

March 27, 2013 , In: General

many times in our lives we are forced into or decide to start new
paths.  It is one of the scariest things we do.  When we decide to make a
change or try a new thing it can be overwhelming and I think one of
those reasons is that we tend to be self-doubting.  We look for
reassurance from friends and family but the most challanging part of it
is our own lack of confidence and the “what if’s” that tend to clog our
minds.  Sometimes we need the push to do it and other times the
motivation just takes on a life of it’s own.
As artists we need to hear from others that we are on the right path.
happened to me recently and I thought you may like to hear how a new
path has opened for me.  Just like many of you I submitted pictures and
pattern ideas only to hear “It is beautiful but…..”  with reasons like
it is not what they are looking for, they do not have enough room, it
doesn’t fit with their scheme.  I was taking all of them very
personally.  Friends say “submit somewhere else”  or try again with
something different but in the back of my mind there is always that
“well they just don’t like you”.  Let me tell you something.  Until you
hit that moment of realization that these people do not know you
personally so it can’t possibly be personal, you may be caught in the
same rut.  A couple months ago I hit that moment and took the leap.  I
submitted a design and it was accepted!  OMG now what?  Time to put my
money where my mouth is right?  I had written on tutorial already and
put that in my shop with limited success.  
is the next hurdle I had to jump.  My first thought was “who am I to
think I can make a magazine worthy tutorial?”  Well that is the next
thing you need to get out of your head.  You designed the piece and they
like it.  You CAN do this!!!  
can not share this piece with you but I can tell  you that once I
overcame this group of hurdles it was such a relief that I decided to
sit down and design another piece and put it in my shop.
am sure I will still have to keep fighting the initial self defeating
thoughts but I now am perfectly aware that I can follow through with
this new path and find myself wondering what the next hurdles are.
Do you have hurdles to overcome to start something new?

Kristen Stevens

Kristen Stevens has always been a crafter of sorts.  Cross stitch, quilting, quilling, knitting, and since 2009 totally addicted to seed beads.  Then the discovery of art beads added to the addiction.  She has been complimented on her unique approach to blend colors, shapes and inspiration from the art beads and nature. She has also been writing her own tutorials. 
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    Congratulations! You were always on the right path…sometimes those that judge the work of others just made a wrong turn. Have you ever seen some really crazy art shows and wondered how did that get in? It's just the preference of one particular judge, their vision and how they are feeling any particular day. Stay the path and stay true to yourself and I know you will succeed! Love your work!

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      Thank you so much. Having you say that is reaffirming for sure!

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    This is so exciting. I am very happy for you. And yah, I know all about self doubt. I keep telling it to shut up and go away, but it doesn't.

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      It is so hard to shut the voices up but we can do it!

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    I'm so happy for you, congrats!

    I think rejection is the hardest thing anyone in the creative arts has to face. We put so much of ourselves into our creations that it's hard not to take rejection personally.

    I'm always encouraged to persevere when I remember that some of the most wonderful and creative works (like Anne of Green Gables and Harry Potter) were initially rejected many, many times. If we keep growing and improving and don't give up, the rewards will surely come.

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    Congratulations on your new venture! Your bracelets are absolutely beautiful. I think it's important as women, that we stick together and support our crafts.

    Good luck!

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      Thank you and yes we need to guide, support and encourage each other for sure!

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    Congrats on moving forward!

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    Even though you love what you do and you do it so well, it is always wonderful to have your path validated in such a way. Congratulations! This is a well deserved honor.

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    Hi Kristen,
    As you know I am a big fan of your work. I have your tutorials and enjoy stitching them they work up so well and the instructions are very easy to follow. Rejection who does like it? I, like you and others have a hard time with it at first, but then I just say to myself "Oh well, such is life" and go on. You my friend will meet up with many more rejections, but there will be just as many or more exceptance to your designs.
    All the best to you my beady friend in your future endevors.

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