Let it Go…

April 17, 2017 , In: 2D Art, Inspiration

It is sunday afternoon. I always have several topics in my mind for my AE entry and also the texts prepared. That doesn’t mean they are completely written but I work in science so the outline is finished, notes are already added and just the finishing touch is missing. That is one I love to do shortly before so it reflects me at that moment. 

I use acrylic paint from different brands but mainly Schmincke and add water, Liquitex pouring medium and silicon oil. Still trying to get good “cells” but like this one a lot. Also there is some amber in it (the vessel with my tiny scratched pieces fell down but I added some more so now it was “planned” 😉 ).

Art is very personal to me and I would guess to many of you too. It may be often looked upon as “just” old fashioned hand craft in case you knit or quilt, sometimes “just” as crafts you are doing with some painting or sketch booking and so on…

This was one of my first pieces with a lot of cells! They speak to the biologist in me since they look so organic.

But if you need to do it on a regular basis, if you have the urge to go on experimenting, it is more than “just” a hobby but rather a big part of who you are. 

I am not able to repeat the cell creation always but that is the reason to play and experiment.

I often (no, not always) love my finished work. Sometimes even years later, at other times I think it is strange how excited I was about a piece I made only a year ago (and forgetting I needed this to be able to grow my abilities). 

Love the dynamic in this one. Nothing planned, only the flow of the paint…

But most of all I need the process of creation and experimentation itself. The curiosity, the playfulness, the pure mess, the moment the ideas and images in my head transform into reality and how interestingly the change during this process.

Can you see how many colours are coming up in all the cells?

These are all thoughts going through my head right now. As I said, I had some other ideas prepared but I put them on hold. They would not fit me right now. There are times in life that are more challenging than others. I am in one of these right now. I love to have everything under control and it scares me deeply when this illusion is sometimes lifted. 

On this one I wanted to swipe the paint of because I didn’t like it and the low leftover layer created this. Now I love it!

My first reaction coping is to be “functional”. I go to work but everything else is too much to handle. I know at the same moment how wrong this is (and I still have to write a lot of apologies) but I am stuck inside me. During this time I am also not creating even though I need it to keep myself sane. I believe it is also a coping mechanism since when I create I put myself into it…

There is something relaxing about these paintings.

…but if you hurt or are afraid, it may be not bearable? The fragile control may break before you are ready for it?

I am sorry I couldn’t get any picture without the light reflection of this one. I am also testing different coats of varnish because I want a glossy end result.

Not a lot of people understand this. But the ones who have this urge to create often do. For me, art is personal. Art is not connected to the level of perfection but rather the emotion it creates. Something simply nice and beautiful may be fast forgotten, but something that moves me inside, may it be good or bad, is art for me. Expression of the own inner self.

This is one of the failed experiments. I created a moon/planet on top and wanted to add a transparent blueish layer over the background (there were a lot of cells, but boring) but it is to opaque… and the stars are too bright… I’ll see if I am able to rescue it somehow.

I am still not able to go fully  back to create but I found a middle way for me. I started to play with acrylic pouring. It is a random act where one can only control the ingredients but the outcome only so much. It is messy and colourful and so relaxing to see the paint flow… to simply let go… and I can use my torch! I found the youtube channel of Annemarie Ridderhof by chance and knew that I want to play like that.

This was also a not so good pouring but I loved certain areas. So I added some molding paste with stencils (the rabbit is from a eastern baking set) and added some more paint. Now I love this one!

I am still experimenting and it cracked my shell a little bit (after all, one advantage with getting older is, that one gets better to trick onself). It is now sunday evening over here. I put on the water for my next coffee and I started to write/create apologies for the ones I kept out in the last weeks and hope they will accept it.

Some more details of the areas I love and the little cells I wanted to keep.

Maybe I will eat an easter egg too…! 

PS: In case you have any questions about the acrylic pouring, I really recommend Annemarie’s channel, but I will also try to answer you (or tell you of may failures 😉 ).


Claire Fabian

Claire Fabian loves to experiment with materials and ideas. She needs to create to “keep her sane” and the process of creation itself is the most important in her work. She is drawn to weird things, to organic and natural textures and loves a tribal and ancient vibe. She makes beads as well as jewellery, but also loves mixed media pieces and little sculptures. Amongst her favourite materials is polymer clay, ceramic clay, all kind of metals, glass beads as well as everything found in nature. She is also working in research which may explain her desire to experiment.
    • jewelsofsayuri
    • April 17, 2017

    This is the first time that I have come across acrylic pouring and i am fascinated by it. i’ll check out the channel

    • Kari K.
    • April 17, 2017

    Great cells and good motion. This is the type of art that I do so you are speaking to someone who knows the obsession and the need to keep trying. In my height I will do 4 or 5 of these in a night. Lately I have slowed and looked at new mediums to transport my pieces from wall art to household art and wearable art. Thank you for sharing these.

    • Marcia Pozo
    • April 17, 2017

    Hi. My name is marcia and i want to thank you for everyday inspiration you give mi with your art.

    Regards from Chile. Southamerica

    • Terri Del Signore
    • April 17, 2017

    Wow wow wow!! I went over and spent the last hour watching videos from that channel. Thank you for sharing that. I just love the results!! My favorite of yours is the one you started out not liking then loving!! It makes me think of crashing waves. Your post was beautiful and I am able to relate to the emotion art creates!! Now I need to scope amazon for some floetrol!!

  1. Reply

    Wow all are just stunning. Makes me want to try it!

    • Smita
    • April 20, 2017

    Claire beautifully displayed art. Interesting how your mind and imaginayowork. I love your work.

    • Cory
    • April 26, 2017

    These are so beautiful Claire! I love that you added layers to the last one with the bunny, the colors and textures in that one are really great!!

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