Mandalas in Metal

January 20, 2017 , In: Metalsmithing, Tutorials

Mandalas in Metal. Making meaning… the Zen of stamping… 

Mandala designs by Emma

The inspiration: I have a teachers aide, a former student from my pottery classes. She is an education major, very creative, multi talented, and all around pretty cool! So last summer ( gasp! I am SO slow!) I wanted to make her a special thank you present. Emma had taught a sgraffito mini lesson to the teenage class – focusing on manuals which are a love and specialty of hers. The photo above – examples of her mandalas. So when I saw the new Impress Art stamps – it was decided! 

Mandala stamps – Set 1 & 2 by Impress art. Available at PJ Tools.

Its no secret I love stamping. My dogs aren’t fans of the hammering and decline to hang out in the studio with me… 

Let me walk you through MY process; a casual tutorial. 

  1. Mark the center of your circles. I was using blanks from Beaducation but I also have a disc cutter and cut my own. As these were to be earrings I decided on 24 gauge for the lighter weight. 

Is this how this contraption works?

2. Mark out your radial symmetry  ( you can see mine are a little off center…) Here you see one design with 6 “arms” the other with 8. Pencil lines or sharpie, your preference. 

Wonky guidelines will work for me…

3. Start your stamping, on your bench block and pad. Start with a design element in the center! 

There is beauty in imperfection!

4. Stamp your design using the “arms” as guidelines for your repetitions. 

Sunburst, snowflake, flower…

I love the bracket flower petal stamp!


5. Patina in Liver of Sulphur. Polish to your desired shine. ( I use a green scrubby then a polishing pad. And sometimes a brass brush.) Tumble for shine! 

I’ll tumble for you…

6. At this point I whisked them upstairs to punch holes and add ear wires! 

Here are a few examples of the myriad designs possible. You are limited only by your imagination! 

Letter stamps are GREAT design elements too – see the “W”?

I was pleased with these and need to make more ASAP. There are so many options! 

*Disclaimer – I received no promotions, free stuff, or any favors from the companies mentioned. I liked the products I paid full price for – and wanted to share! *


Jenny Davies-Reazor

Jenny Davies-Reazor is a mixed media artist inspired by myth, folklore and the natural world. A proud Jack-of-all-trades, she concentrated in metals and painting in art school, turned to clay during her teaching career, and is truly happiest when mixing materials in unusual ways. From clay to resin, paper to polymer... Since leaving her ceramics classroom, Jenny is always in the studio: fabricating jewelry, creating ceramic shrines and decorative tiles, and teaching in a variety of mediums. " I love sharing my passion for art, and seeing sparks light up in student's eyes..."
    • Kathy Lindemer
    • January 20, 2017

    Just lovely! You make it look so easy. I am having trouble just punch the metal out!

  1. Reply

    They look awesome!!

    • jewelsofsayuri
    • January 21, 2017

    I love this idea – using a simple technique to produce a variety of designs is my kind of an idea. Thanks for sharing

  2. Reply

    Love these mandalas!! I need to check out those stamps. I also need to work on my stamping technique. I usually get a little too heavy handed and cause my metal to curl up ;-I Thanks for the inspiration!

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