Mixed Media Mandalas

February 15, 2017 , In: 2D Art, Inspiration, Mixed Media, Tutorials

One of the lessons I really enjoyed from Life Book 2016 was week 8 – Finding Centre with Mandalas by Faith Evans, it was a really relaxing lesson and a great way to escape everyday stress, so when our chosen weekly theme was serenity, mandalas were the first thing to pop into my head and I thought I would share how I created my version.

I used….

  • x4 4inch stretched canvases
  • Caron D’Ache Neocolor II water-soluble pastels
  • Paintbrush
  • Sharpie oil based paint marker (white)
  • Pilot Choose 07 (white)
  • Acrylic paint
  • 4mm Swarovski flat back crystals AB 
  • Super glue
  • Keen top crystal clear nitroacrylic spray 

Colour the canvas randomly with the Caron D’Ache pastels and spread the colour using a wet brush, I like the colour to be quiet blotchy so I dab the wet areas with a piece of kitchen paper to lighten it in some places and then when dry I add more colour here and there. Once I am happy with the effect and it is completely dry I give it a couple of coats of acrylic spray, I do this so that the water colour is fixed in place and cannot block up my white gel pen and also so the canvas is smoother to draw on.

Then I find a couple of round objects and draw around them with the sharpie, you don’t have to use circles, you could start from the centre and work out but I have a scatter brain and find having two separate starting points helps me if I get stuck on what to do next! For the perfectly round little circles (with swirls in) I used the sharpie lid and used it as a stamp (colouring it with the white sharpie ink) so that my circles were all the same size and then I started doodling with the gel pen. Because the painting is sealed if you do mess up with the gel pen you can use either a baby wipe or damp cotton bud to wipe it out and you won’t ruin your water colour.

Once I have decided how I want my outside edge to look I then mix up some acrylic paint and paint outside of the mandala this helps me focus on whats going on inside the mandala. The neat freak in me uses glasses and templates to try to get the elements the same size and every time I get stuck I just add a few more dots.

When I am happy with the piece I then give it another coat of acrylic spray to fix the gel pen in place and start adding Swarovski crystals, I like the AB coated ones as the colours go really well with the water colour effect!

What I love about this piece is how it sparkles as you walk by!


Niky Sayers

Niky Sayers started creating jewellery 6 years ago after stumbling across a jewellery making blog while looking for a hobby. She is a stay at home mum with hermit like tendencies, a mild addiction to coffee and chocolate and a love of all things handmade or antique/rusty. While not raising her tribe she like to keep as busy as possible playing with metal sheet, wire and other treasures and trinkets all at her kitchen table in Surrey, England.
    • Kathy Lindemer
    • February 15, 2017

    I love it too! Great job as always.

  1. Reply

    Oh, this is really neat! It gives me some ideas for projects to do with my Alzheimers Dad!

    • Divya
    • February 15, 2017

    It looks super swanky, the solid green background makes it look very sophisticated and polished

  2. Reply

    WOW Niky, these are amazing, as usual!

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