(Not So) Mismatched Monday: Sweetheart Earrings

January 21, 2013 , In: Jewelry

I’ve been suffering from terrible headaches lately (most likely TMJ related) so please excuse the fact that these earrings are not mismatched.  I find it hard to concentrate while my head is ready to explode.  And with that bit of TMI, I give you “Sweetheart Earrings”…

I tend to feel a red overload after Christmas so I didn’t want to use that color for my Valentine earrings.  Turns out I had a delightful little stash of pink beads up in the office so it all worked out perfectly.  They are long and swingy, just the way I like my earrings!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret too, the lace I used for the porcelain charms is from my mom’s wedding dress.  When they were cleaning out the New Jersey house and preparing to move to Utah, my mom found the dress and it wasn’t preserved properly.  She told me to do whatever I wanted with it.  I pulled the lace off and now she can have as much jewelry as she wants with the lace-pattern from her dress!


Do you feel the love?

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio LLC


Diana Ptaszynski

Powered by the magic of all things containing sugar, Diana spends her day making beads out of porcelain and stoneware.  She also enjoys needle-felting, bead embroidery and metalsmithing. A Jersey girl at heart, Diana now resides in Rochester, NY with her husband and three cat children.  You can find Diana in her studio at Made On State, spreading the bead love at Let's Bead in East Rochester or all dressed up at a cosplay event! 
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    They are gorgeous Diana, love them.

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    Pretty as a picture and what a lovely way to prevserve a little bit of your moms dress for posterity!

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    What a beautiful way to preserve the past!

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    I love these! Gorgeous design!!
    Lovely to have all that lace from your mom. Your heritage will live on 🙂

    Happy Sales

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    What a sweet memento of your mom's wedding to pass on to others.

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    I love these earrings! So sweet and clever!

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    Hey Diana,, those are looking stunning. Pink is my favorite color, the heart design is looking very pretty. Cute pair.

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    Very cool that you used your mother's lace!

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    Thank you everyone!

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    These are so sweet, I just love them. And what a wonderful way to preserve your mother's wedding dress!

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