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Skulls and …well beads…

September 9, 2017 , In: Beadwork, General

Last month, August, I was in Stourbridge at the Bonded Warehouse with Lesley and Caroline, both from the Art Elements team and we did a bit of a swop during the quiet times at the bead fair – it was a bit more quiet than we would have liked but I think that is maybe a sign of how fairs are going here in the UK.  What better to do with our time than peruse the stalls of our fellow Art Elements members.  

Now, I am not a skull person, persay, but my daughter is, 5ft petite blonde who is very girlie in her dress sense loves to wear a bit of skull art so when I saw this bracelet connector and Lesley had explained to me what it was and how it works – I am not a jewellery designer, I leave that to the experts – I swopped some of my pieces for some of hers and this connector was one of them.

It is a delicious blend of neutral colours, something else that isn’t something I am comfortable working with, I prefer my colours to be bold and garish and usually in a cute and whimsical animal sculpture form, but I really liked this piece, something about it appealed to me and of course I knew to whom it would be given.

See what I mean about girlie?  check out those nails!!  Wish I had the confidence to wear nails like that, but then I do the washing up, the dog walking, the cleaning of the toilet…..  oh to be 21 and still living at home…  I digress.

I went though my rather limited stash of ‘other’ beads, most of them have been given to me by generous people destashing and I did partake in a couple of the Blog Spot Bead Swop things and my last partner was so generous with her swop that I had all sorts of beautiful gemstones including these gorgeous agate round beads that just brought out the darker lines of the bracelet connector.  I added some soft toned seed beads and with my limited knowledge of bead weaving I set about threading it all together.  My first try was to have a two strand affair with the seed beads being on their own but when my daughter tried it on it was too big – she is very petite – and she did say she didn’t like the ‘hanging’ down effect of the two strands so I re-threaded it this way and she liked it.  I forget what the smaller gem stone beads are but they complimented the terracotta colours in the connector and with a silver plated lobster clasp it was finished.  I am rather pleased to say she loved it!  

Lesley has lots of beautiful pieces in her shop and as luck would have it she is having a shop update this weekend – September 9th – so click HERE to take you to the shop to have a browse.  








Laney Mead

A convert to glass from a life of doodling and drawing Laney started her artistic career with no formal training but a passion for paper and pencils.  With the help of a friendly artist who took her under his wing, she learnt how to use coloured pencil as a fine art medium and to experiment in abstract work with acrylic and oils, this led to painting murals all over the house walls, don't ask her about the 'space themed bedroom for her son and then having to try and paint it white to sell the house!'  and although she longed to paint real 'outside' murals and got asked to do so she couldn't commit the long travel involved with two, then small kids.  After several years of custom pet portraits in pencil she chanced upon a weekend of lampworking.  After being shown how to use the torch and asked to not burn down the studio she spent a blissful 2 days creating the wonkiest beads you ever did see.  She has been lampworking since 2008 and is finally at the point when her realism in pet portraits is merging with the glass.  Other than that one weekend she has never had a lesson and is completely self taught in all her techniques.  When she isn't melting glass she is writing for Cat World magazine about living with her brain damaged 'celebrity' cat Gordy and the newcomer old Teeko cat.  She lives in rural Herefordshire UK with views from her bedroom window over the Welsh Mountains with her husband, Golden Retrievers Izabel and Defi as well as the cats and two grown up kids that refuse to leave home.  She is currently campaigning for 'Kidsxit'.
    • Kat
    • September 9, 2017

    Looks awesome! Where’s mine? 😉

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      Thanks Kat 😀 Lesley has some amazing pieces with skulls in her shop, check out the link in the blog post 😉

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    Looks great Laney – glad she liked it :0)

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