Spring Daisies – Simple Earring Tutorial

March 23, 2016 , In: Clay, Jewelry, Metal Clay, Tutorials
Spring officially arrived in the northern hemisphere last weekend so I’d thought I share this tutorial for my Daisy earrings as published in Belle Armoire – very quick and simple to make and perfect for adding a little spring fever to any outfit.

2 double drilled daisy connectors (Thea Elements – to order)
2 enamelled leaf charms ( Gardanne Beads )
4 brass tube beads ( Hands of the Hills )
16″ waxed linen
Ear wires

Step 1
Cut an 8 inch length of waxed linen and pass it though the hole in an enamelled leaf charm. Bring the ends of the linen together and pass through a hole in the bronze daisy charm from front to back.


Step 2
Bring each end of the strand round to the front and then wrap the linen around itself a few times finishing at the front. Knot to secure.


Step 3
String a tube bead to each strand, knot and trim.


Step 4
Attach ear wire.


Step 5
Repeat steps 1 – 4 for the second earring.

And there you have your new earrings. You can of course substitute any similar components to create your own take on the design – the possibilities are endless.



Lesley Watt

Lesley Watt started making jewellery in 2009 with a handful of hobby store beads but quickly discovered art beads and became completely smitten. Taking courses in metal clay, metal smithing, enamelling and etching she began making her own components in 2011 and has never looked back. Always looking to try new things she has branched out into ceramics, bead embroidery, mixed media and textiles.
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    I really love this technique!!!! I get so tired of seeing the same old headpin/wire/dangle technique. Is this copyrighted or can we use this technique to make and sell earrings with our own findings?

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      Thank you Diana – you are free to use tutorials published on AJE to produce your own work to sell – a credit is always appreciated :0)

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    Love this design.

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