Treasures from the Desert

October 14, 2013 , In: General

I just got back from a week and a half visit with my parents in southern Utah.  While I was out there I got to do two of my favorite things; visit the best rock shop EVER and go rockhounding.

What’s nice about my parents house is that you can explore the Mojave Desert by either walking down the road or just off-roading a couple miles out.

Some of the wonderful things you can find out there include; petrified woodjasperquartz and agate.  As you can see, I picked up some great pieces while wandering about.

I also got to visit my favorite rock shop located in Springdale, right outside of Zion National Park.  This place is always full of cabochons, fossils, jewelry and more! It’s a family run operation and the husband cuts most of the cabochons himself.

On this trip, I picked up several pieces local to Utah including septarian nodulepicasso stone (picture marble) and some trilobite fossils.  I also purchased some ammonites (for mold-making), turquoise and snowflake obsidian (for bead embroidery…Ooooo) and an orthoceras pendant.

The desert is full of treasures and I’m excited I was able to find and bring some home with me.

Happy Beading!

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio LLC

Diana Ptaszynski

Powered by the magic of all things containing sugar, Diana spends her day making beads out of porcelain and stoneware.  She also enjoys needle-felting, bead embroidery and metalsmithing. A Jersey girl at heart, Diana now resides in Rochester, NY with her husband and three cat children.  You can find Diana in her studio at Made On State, spreading the bead love at Let's Bead in East Rochester or all dressed up at a cosplay event! 
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    Looks like you had a great time and bought back some cool rocks Diana…love the Orthoceras!

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    Fabulous! Must be great to see those rocks "in the wild."

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    Looks like you had a great time visiting and exploring! Love the rock and fossil collection that you came home with!

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    I love the dessert. When we lived in CA we use to camp in the Mojave – miss it!

    • Jean
    • October 14, 2013

    It's an awfully long time, too long, since I was anywhere near a desert.

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    Oh wow, lucky finds and great rock shop! Looks like you had a great time!

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    Great finds! I've never been there before, but would love to go.

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      So glad you had a great time! Geats photos!

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    I can not wait to see how you use your treasures. Also I am so happy you had such a nice time!

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