Weekly Keep-Our-Sanity Challenge: Color / Texture


The theme of our Keep-Our-Sanity challenge this week is a color and texture palette suggestion by Lesley Watt…  

Lesley Watt: for this weeks sanity challenge I’m using this visual prompt rather than a word…colour, texture, pattern…how it makes you feel…do what you will with it and have fun


Our Team’s interpretations…

Caroline Dewison: This week I’ve been playing with pastels. This is a WIP, it needs some more contrast but I like the misty look of the trees.

Caroline Dewison: Trying to be braver with colour!

Sue Kennedy: I had this bead mix from an online store that’s now closed (eebeads) – the mix was called Aztec. I loved it so much when I saw your photo, it was pretty much a perfect mix! Simple 2-drop flat peyote. I’m loving peyote cuffs right now!

Sue Kennedy: I’m glad we had 2 weeks because I really wanted to participate and it took multiple tries to find a clasp I liked that worked!

Lesley Watt: My offering this week is a WIP or sampler rather than a finished piece… I’m currently besotted with textiles and fibres and love this book on textured and 3 dimensional work by Jean Draper. I’ve used the colours and some shapes from the image to test out one of the techniques in the book – see second image. Stitch and Structure: Design and Technique in Two- and Three-Dimensional Textiles

Lesley Watt: This involves making free standing buttonholes which are then linked together using knotted button hole stitch worked in various directions to get the desired effect. I used cotton pearl to get the colours but I’m looking forward to trying this with more structured fibres like raffia or jute to see what the effect is. The aim is to put together a 3D sketchbook of as many techniques as I can to create a resources that is also a piece of art in it’s own right…

Cathy Spivey Mendola: When I saw your inspiration photo I knew I wanted to do some surface design on fabric. I didn’t have time to dye any fabric this week so I went through my stash I had dyed previously. Found this red, turquoise with a tiny splash of yellow. So I pulled out some thermofax screens and do some screen printing. I was thinking I may use this for my next embroidery piece?? Or do some machine quilting later. I used 3 different screens and used one carved wooden block printer. I need to buy some new textile paints though. The first screen printing of the dandelion looking flower was done in yellow. Well, it was just a blob of wetness with little to no pigment laid down in the fabric. So I let it dry and then used a nice blue which I like better than the yellow. But you can only see that it’s blue close up b/c of the blob left by the yellow! I screened 2 colors for the clumps of flowers to get some shadowing. Then I had rain on my mind since we got 8″ earlier this week. I screened some random squares in coming down from the top in blue again. You can’t really see the wood block printing so that was a waste of time:/. Oh and BTW, I dyed this with the ice dyeing method, which I like better than snow dyeing.

Cathy Spivey Mendola: Full view of the piece above.

Claire Fabian: So, I had an idea in mind and tried layer after layer to go there… I ended somewhere completely different. I am not sure wheter I like the finished piece (after at least the 25th complete new layer I forced myself to stop). But after combining so many different materials, heating amd scrubbing the piece again and again, I learned a lot about how to create new texture effects 😉 I do love single areas quite a lot!

Claire Fabian: close-up view of the piece above

Claire Fabian: another close-up view

Claire Fabian: another close-up view



Karen Totten

Karen has worked professionally as an artist and designer for over 30 years in a variety of creative disciplines: architectural design, illustration, art direction, mixed media art, interaction design. She currently works full time as a User Experience (UX) Design Principal for an international consultancy. When not flying to work every week, her other passions are ceramic art, sketching, and occasionally, jewelry design. “For me, the creative life, from UX to fine art, has always been one of exploration and adventure. As the daughter of an air force navigator, I grew up a traveler. To this day I am intrigued by stories and motifs that transcend time, culture, and geography.“
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    great exploration; I particularly love the button hole links

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