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Well heeled.

July 17, 2017 , In: Inspiration

 In Mesopotamia, (c. 1600-1200 BC) a type of soft shoes were worn by the mountain people who lived on the border of Iran. The soft shoe was made of wraparound leather, similar to a moccasin. As late as 1850 most shoes were made on absolutely straight lasts, with no difference between the right and the left shoe.  

quote taken from TheFascinating History of Shoes  

Early Baroque style shoes below.

Shoes have such an interesting and rich history that it would take more than this blog post to even begin to start so I will concentrate on a collection that is not so much close to home as in our home.  My daughter is a collector of shoes!

My daughter has this amazing collection of shoes, being short in statue, a teeny 5ft – complete contrast to her brother who is 6ft 2in and yes they share the same parents! – my daughter loves shoes. Heeled shoes. Shoes that are different. Shoes that really turn heads. Shoes that are works of art in themselves, full of colour and design. She has a few favourite designers, Irregular Choice, Iron Fist and Jeffery Campbell to name just three! She has been collecting her shoes since she first started working at 16, she is now 21 and the collection is slowly becoming more refined and conservative due in part to her now working full time and her boyfriend, who is taller than her brother at 6ft 3 and very conservative in his manners and dress, some of her shoes did cause a few issues as people would stop her in the street to admire them!

These are her new favourites and she brought them to celebrate her 21st birthday back in December, much coveted Irregular Choice shoes.

Like all styles and colour trends history tends to repeat itself, I love these shoes Charley (my daughter) brought for the summer, they are so 1970s in their colours but with a muted hue that is more 2000’s.    Her clothes also reflect her love of fashion and style….

I LOVE this gilet, the colour reminds me of the 70s era, sadly she is so tiny I can fit in this but it just doesn’t look as good on me as on her! 

More of an classic feel in these summer shoes the rich colours set off by the black background, very folk art styled. 

The cover photo is how she displays her shoes, on the last count we were over 40 pairs, although she has sold and replaced some of the more outlandish designs that her boyfriend objected to, the Jeffery Campbells she loved with spikes on that scratched his sports car had to go but her love of colour is still evident on this part of her ‘every day’ collection.

One of our cats and the keeper of the shoes, Teeko is our oldest resident at 16 and has been with us for 2 years, a big fluffy Birman that enjoys the status of the grumpiest cat in the world, he lives on my daughters bed sleeping but his grumpy personality keeps any marauding animals out of her room and away from her shoes! 

My shoe collection?  Well when I was younger I did love my heels although my style was definitely more reserved than my daughters but these days I live in my wellington boots for walking the dogs across the fields and to the river and old crocs in the studio and house, mind my wellies are Gumleaf and they are AMAZINGLY comfortable, British in brand and completely made of rubber they are sold exclusively from a farm in Norfolk.  The little wellies with owls?  Designer wellies of my daughters her feet are so small she can buy childrens shoes, which are free from VAT, so her ‘utility shoe’ collection, wellingtons, trainers, walking boots….  are all childrens sized.  Shame they don’t make wellies for adults like that! 

Hope you enjoyed the trip around my daughters collection, style is in many forms but I wonder how many people look at their shoes and think of works of art?


Laney Mead

A convert to glass from a life of doodling and drawing Laney started her artistic career with no formal training but a passion for paper and pencils.  With the help of a friendly artist who took her under his wing, she learnt how to use coloured pencil as a fine art medium and to experiment in abstract work with acrylic and oils, this led to painting murals all over the house walls, don't ask her about the 'space themed bedroom for her son and then having to try and paint it white to sell the house!'  and although she longed to paint real 'outside' murals and got asked to do so she couldn't commit the long travel involved with two, then small kids.  After several years of custom pet portraits in pencil she chanced upon a weekend of lampworking.  After being shown how to use the torch and asked to not burn down the studio she spent a blissful 2 days creating the wonkiest beads you ever did see.  She has been lampworking since 2008 and is finally at the point when her realism in pet portraits is merging with the glass.  Other than that one weekend she has never had a lesson and is completely self taught in all her techniques.  When she isn't melting glass she is writing for Cat World magazine about living with her brain damaged 'celebrity' cat Gordy and the newcomer old Teeko cat.  She lives in rural Herefordshire UK with views from her bedroom window over the Welsh Mountains with her husband, Golden Retrievers Izabel and Defi as well as the cats and two grown up kids that refuse to leave home.  She is currently campaigning for 'Kidsxit'.
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    I hope your daughter also objected to some of her boyfriend’s clothes or possessions and forced him to sell them…

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      Lol Wendy those shoes caused over £1000 worth of paint damage to his very expensive car 😀

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    Your daughter has a very interesting collection! I love the embroidered ones.

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