What New Project Keeps You Awake At Night?

February 24, 2017 , In: Fiber, Jewelry, Tutorials

Last fall I received an unexpected surprise in the mail-a box of components made by two of my friends, Lesley Watt and Jenny Davies-Reazor. They were made of ceramic, polymer clay and metal clay but the bronze metal clay goddess that Lesley had sent really spoke to me-LOUDLY! Enough so that I couldn’t sleep that night, creating in my mind.

I finally gave up and got up, fueled by coffee and ready to tackle my idea. I pulled together my components: C-Lon cord, Pyrite beads and 6 gauge bronze wire. I soldered the wire into a small circle then hammered it for texture. By this time the sun had come up over San Diego and in the daylight I realized that I had soldered brass wire, not bronze!


I decided to go with it but nixed the pyrite, just too many metals.


I decided on some 3mm banded Agate beads instead. After two days of false starts, I finally started working on my goddess project. I worked feverishly for a few days then had to stop to write class instructions and prepare to travel and teach. Life got in the way of my progress and my project.



Recently, I rediscovered my abandoned goddess and back to work I went, determined to finish before anything else happened. So, after a frenzied start and a slow finish-the goddess project is done!


What new idea or project has kept you awake at night lately?



Cooky Schock

Cooky Schock has been a maker her whole life-teddy bears, quilts, clothing, weaving, knitting and gourds...For the last 18 years she has been immersed in beads and metal both creating with, selling and teaching. And she has finally found her passion-Teaching! Recently she rediscovered macrame, something she did in the 70’s this time updated and small-micro macramé! She lives in San Diego with her husband and two pups. They are all getting ready to take their show on the road (literally) in a new RV, living life wherever the road takes them.
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    How stunning! You know me, the tribal vibe speaks to me! The knotted structure is gorgeous, the goddess is perfectly put in scene and the beads add the perfect balance… and don’t let me start on all the textures! I really love this piece! 🙂

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      Thanks Claire! Tribal is the best. This is one piece that I’m keeping for me.

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    Wow this is very cool. I love the fringy macrame effect.

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    Just gorgeous! I can see why this goddess would have kept you from sleeping!

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