Whimsy dog head video tutorial.

January 6, 2017 , In: Glass, Tutorials

I have been wanting to ‘get to grips’ with my YouTube account for over a year.. probably longer if the truth be told, but never found the time (read time as enthusiasm) to actually sit down and figure it out.  I uploaded a couple of videos years ago but the process has changed since then and it is MUCH easier, although I am still learning the basics!  My camera is fabulous and I have known since I had it (embarrassingly admitting had the camera for 2 years….) that it had a video function but, like everything else the ‘time’ was elusive.  So this New Year 2017 I put my camera make into YouTube and learnt from those that know how to use the film function and guess what?  it is really easy!  I am still playing with focus which really needs to be improved but I am happy (ish) with this video.  I haven’t done any talking – I have a squeaky girlie voice so will have to get brave – but! I have figured out how to add written top tips along the way, if you don’t have the subtitles you have to click on the funny square box at the bottom of the video screen on the right, it gives you the option to have the words… I learnt that bit at least!

 Hope you enjoy the  lampwork video tutorial on how I create a whimsy spotty dog head bead.

The video runs in ‘real time’ so is a little long at 9 minutes but a friend of mine has sent me the link to the editing software on my laptop – pays to have a friend in the technical know! – so I will be able to edit it to run more quickly over the ‘boring parts’ as she put it, those parts where you have to keep the bead warm to prevent cracking.    Please remember that if you lampwork to do so safely, but happy torching.

If you have any questions just ask here  and if you have any suggestions for future videos I would love to hear them in the comments below. 




The finished bead is one of these… it took me three goes to film the tutorial!  Next time will be better.

Laney Mead

A convert to glass from a life of doodling and drawing Laney started her artistic career with no formal training but a passion for paper and pencils.  With the help of a friendly artist who took her under his wing, she learnt how to use coloured pencil as a fine art medium and to experiment in abstract work with acrylic and oils, this led to painting murals all over the house walls, don't ask her about the 'space themed bedroom for her son and then having to try and paint it white to sell the house!'  and although she longed to paint real 'outside' murals and got asked to do so she couldn't commit the long travel involved with two, then small kids.  After several years of custom pet portraits in pencil she chanced upon a weekend of lampworking.  After being shown how to use the torch and asked to not burn down the studio she spent a blissful 2 days creating the wonkiest beads you ever did see.  She has been lampworking since 2008 and is finally at the point when her realism in pet portraits is merging with the glass.  Other than that one weekend she has never had a lesson and is completely self taught in all her techniques.  When she isn't melting glass she is writing for Cat World magazine about living with her brain damaged 'celebrity' cat Gordy and the newcomer old Teeko cat.  She lives in rural Herefordshire UK with views from her bedroom window over the Welsh Mountains with her husband, Golden Retrievers Izabel and Defi as well as the cats and two grown up kids that refuse to leave home.  She is currently campaigning for 'Kidsxit'.
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    Laney, I love your little dalmatians! They video was amazing. I had never really seen anyone create a lampwork bead before. Yours are so whimsical with so much character. I can’t believe how easy you make it look. I don’t think I would ever be able to do that. I will have to special order some beads from you soon!

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      So glad you liked the video Cathy, I am still learning how to edit properly but onwards and upwards 🙂 I love creating with glass so it will be nice to share on YouTube how I do it 🙂

    • Sheryl Dahl
    • January 6, 2017

    Laney – loved the vid, thanks! I don’t know if this will work with a real camera, but…Try putting glasses over your lens, I’ve done that with my phone and I could video (and see) what’s going on in the flame.

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      Thanks Sheryl, I have been practising since with some diddy’s I have over the camera lens and that has worked much better so I will do that in future 🙂

    • Sue
    • January 7, 2017

    Hi Laney, I have sent a link to these lovely dogs by Elaine Thornton who I had the great pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago after asking her for her help with my new hobby, after buying a lamp working kit from tuffnals, my next visit I think will need to be to you too after seeing these fab dogs ? keep the videos coming x Sue Jones

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